Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"perhaps my biggest single achievement"

One of the most destructive MP's ever to disgrace the New Zealand Parliament has announced his retirement.

He will be forever remembered as that greenie communist MP 'The Honourable Member for Cambodia' that spent his whole time outside the tent, pissing on it.

And his greatest single achievement? Importing a known terrorist.


KG said...

Good bloody riddance! Perhaps now he'll go and live in Cuba, since he admires that system so much.
But no, he'll be given a cozy, well-paying clayton's job and continue to leech off the people and the system he despises so much.
What a loathsome piece of work he is.

mawm said...

Well, at least, the SIS can start bugging his phone again.

PM of NZ said...

That is just soooo cruel, MAWM. Had forgotten about that angle!

pdm said...

The problem is they will just find some other watermelon weirdo to replace him.

Murray said...

He's halfway through FOAD.

I look forward to his succesful completion of that action upon which hes condition could be described as very satisfactory.

KG said...

Just as soo as his tempreature reaches parity with ambient, Murray. ;)

KG said...

Bloody typos--let's try that again:

Just as soon as his temperature reaches parity with ambient, Murray. ;)