Thursday, January 13, 2011

Guilty working the system to avoid consequence

A hospital surgeon is fighting a drink-driving charge after driving home from a bar with what police say was more than double the legal breath-alcohol limit

Yes, I know "innocent until proven...". But this type of tactic delaying the inevitable really gets up my nose. Someone with connections and money working the system to avoid being found guilty. Not arguing the numbers, but wasting everyone's time trying to get off by being picky about process. You got caught, like most obviously know the rules, now take your medicine. Something to be said for personal responsibility, eh?

Wonder who employs this wench? Wouldn't surprise me if it was the taxpayer.


Lindsay Mitchell said...

I know I would be feeling decidely seedy the next day having imbibed even the amount of alcohol she admitted to, which is likely conservative. She was rostered to work. I think there is a professional problem there. Or perhaps surgery isn't the exacting work I imagine it to be.

pdm said...

Wasn't it another surgeon who tried to get off by claiming it was the alcohol used in his `scrub up or down' (or whatever it is called) after surgery.

What is it with these people - holier than thou?