Saturday, January 15, 2011

Doing what needs to be done...

IV2 at Keeping Stock reports a golf club is doing what needs to be done. Timely, professionally and with a view to remaining solvent. Without any taxpayer assistance.

Meanwhile, we have this piece of ethnic nepotism.

It is recognised that a Commissioner to Te Aute College will require highly perfected skill sets and competencies to ensure the iconic school with its long and proud history of contributions to the nation remains open.

There is the understanding that the selection of a commissioner will not proceed without agreement from the Trust Board, who will participate in the nomination and appointment process and also assist in the preparation of the terms of reference.

Nothing but a thinly disguised request for taxpayer dollars to preserve an insolvent school. Using the culture as an excuse for a cash injection. 75 pupils last year, zero maintenance, sitting on tens of acres of prime farmland. And to be done with the utmost cultural concern to their conditions. What utter bollocks.

Bugger the history, shut the place down immediately and sell it on the open market.

Do what is needed to be done, Anne Tolley, Minister of Education.

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