Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Smile and Wave: Continue doing nothing

Continue doing nothing. Nothing to put New Zealand back on the economic map wrenching the country out of a unioinised welfarist racist state of victimhood. Nothing but smile and wave.

That's the message the left is sending loud and clear to NACTional. As the left goes into meltdown with the thought that racist Hone Hadfield might leave the Maori Party, or be shown the door, LiarbourLite does not need to shift off the centre fence.

As Hone leaves and/or joins up with the other losers of Bradford and McCarten or remains independent, that will drag votes to the tune of 4-5% from the hard left. Both Liarbour and greens will suffer, removing any chances of making a coalition. Or having to deal with Winnie. And he will, yet again, be kingmaker. The racist Maori Party will be consigned to the dustbin of history. Hopefully followed soon thereafter by Maori seats.

So pinko NACTional/LiabourLite will unfortunately be perceived as the right without having to actually shift right at all. Whilst the left lurches hard-a-port toward a full on conversion to watermelon communism, all the time looking for traction in the polls.

Keep it up doing nothing Mr Smile and Wave. Your day of reckoning is fast approaching this year.


KG said...

"..Your day of reckoning is fast approaching this year."
I hope so. I sure as hell do. This man, in his own way is every bit as much a wrecker as Helen's gang was.

Anonymous said...

More so, because he pretends to be our friend, when in fact, he is full of duplicity, and is actually the arch-enemy of what is honest and good for the country.

Key will be looked back upon in history as facile, hollow, and corrupt.

I so hope he gets voted out this year, even if we do have to put up with Winnie or Goff.

Bomber said...

What a nasty bitter little blog, I'm not surprised you hide your identity, folks with views like yours usually do.

The new left party is only aiming at 3.5%, fractions from the other left parties and no where near enough to destroy the possibility of a majority.

You don't do much strategy do you mate?

PM of NZ said...

Bomber, the new hard left party might actually be aiming low as you state, others on the left have a view that the final result may well be more destructive to the general left.

And it is refreshing to see someone of your calibre from that hard left over here trolling on my blog.

KG said...

Oooooh! Nasty and bitter, PM!

Not half as effing nasty and bitter as 150 million dead, thanks to your stinking ideology, Bomber.

Murray said...

"I'm not surprised you hide your identity, folks with views like yours usually do"

So speaks mynameisjack, the well known anti-Semitic, racist hate monger and promoter of violence against all those who are not socialists of Kiwiblog.

Even under his own name hes only known for being failed media whore who can't hold a job and survives sucking of the public tit.

You might not want to be calling PM "mate" either. You're not fit to stand on the same island. Nasty little failed communist.

Who says the army never helps out the navy.