Saturday, January 29, 2011

"This must not happen again..."

In the face of public uproar over the demolition of three 70-year-old buildings, Auckland Mayor Len Brown has promised to do his utmost to avoid a repeat

We will do everything reasonable in our power to ensure this doesn't happen again

Damned right!

five-year tussle with heritage campaigners

We've tried to do everything properly

I wonder how much has the farce of saving some borer-ridden outhouses in St Heliers cost the developer over 5 years? And the ratepayers of the old Auckland City? And now me, as a multiple ratepayer of the newly formed Super Shitty?

If I was the developer, I would be looking to send a large bill via the highest court in the land to the opponents of the development. Unfortunately, that includes the council who refused to stand up for the owner's properly consented development rights.

And Lyen Len, you are damned right. This should never happen again. Orklund City Council should not be wasting ratepayer monies actively usurping the rights of property owners. You know, the ones who are actually paying for your expensive, but short, tenure.

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