Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mr Plod misses opportunity, now gaming system

I didn't feel affected by the alcohol

At 0145 hours any driver departing a bar is a target.
On his way he was stopped at a checkpoint near the Waikato River control gates. He failed three breath alcohol tests, including the evidential breath test.

A junior constable tickets another Plod. Well done that woman.
did not request a blood test until 18 minutes after he failed the breath tests

Now wasting court and police time, the ticketed one is trying to game the system by arguing the toss over the blood test timing. Which must be taken within 10 minutes. Man up, admit you were pissed and take the rap. The station Sergeant had this to say;
He had the opportunity but missed it

No doubt typical of the missed opportunities senior management will be ruing today with the release of a damning report about the culture within Mr Plod's shop when such actions are the norm.

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