Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Outside the square: Taking unions on at their own game

We have had to start thinking outside the square a bit.

The association, which has been in existence for 122 years, has opened one of its centres near the University of Otago during the school holidays, to run a holiday programme in conjunction with the university's Summer School.

The Kelsey Yaralla Kindergarten reopened on January 10 and will remain open until normal classes at the remainder of the association's kindergartens resume officially on January 24.

A great initiative.

the New Zealand Educational Institute was unhappy about the kindergarten opening during the official holiday period

NZEI's responsibility is to make sure collective employment agreements are upheld.

As expected, the unions called foul. Nothing like a dose of their own medicine. The Dunedin Kindergarten Association employs non-union labour during the summers hols. Bypassing the collective contract which only applies to the unionised.
We realised our families don't have the luxury of a five-week break

The unionised are on 5 weeks of leave, but some families still require childcare. 5 bloody weeks of leave!

Nearly as bad as bastard politicians who have not been near the House for 8 effing weeks. And yet we still pay them. But I digress. That is another story about self-legislated privilege.
the association was not violating union contracts by asking teachers to work during their official holiday

I applaud the initiative. Long may it continue. Employers just need to do it more often.

Employers need to start offering real incentives for not being unionised.

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