Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Labour: We will pay DPB bludgers to breed [updated]

She said Australia also had a "baby bonus" - worth around A$5000 ($6430) a year - for some who weren't eligible for leave provisions.

While Labour had not yet considered a similar step, she said the difference between the two countries showed New Zealand had to make some improvements.

Doing what it takes. In other words, a bribe to vote for those who breed and are not taxpayers. Rewarding their voting base. It will come to pass.
Nobody is saying it should be a benefit for life, but it is to assist people at a time when they are caring for children. Surely the aim here is to bring up responsible, well cared for kids. And those of us who have tried it know that that is hard work.

Oh dear! Always "won't someone think of the kids".
Working for Families would be more generous for parents of children under 2 - allowing more freedom for a parent to remain at home with young children. Changes to the domestic purposes benefit were also planned.

I fear more of my taxpayer dollars paying for bludging breeders. As if the drones don't already get enough of it via Working For Welfare.

Lindsay asks Where will it all end?


robertguyton said...

You use the word 'breed' in connection with 'DPB bludgers' as though you view them as animals.

PM of NZ said...

Well Bob, I guess then you won't like me referring to breeders giving birth as calving.

robertguyton said...

Didn't say I didn't like it.
Just said it was interesting.
Do what you like.

KG said...

"You use the word 'breed' in connection with 'DPB bludgers' as though you view them as animals."

After working in close proximity to them for several years, I can say that sometimes the difference is minimal. No, scrub that--most animals I know were vastly better.

Anonymous said...

DPB Scroungers are scum - i know personally - and nearly ended up in a relationship with - a DPB recipient who deliberatley gets pregnant just so she can avoid working an entire day in her life, she doesnt have a job, drinks herself to a stupor, smokes drugs/cigz...she is a waste of space. DPB scroungers get more pay than burger flippers or security guards working 40 hours a week on highly dangerous sites. Wheres the Justice?