Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Taking a scythe to government waste

Alarmed at discovering that the state pays for 96,000 cellphones, Gov. Jerry Brown issued an executive order Tuesday seeking to cut in half the number of devices being billed to taxpayers.

Brown also wants to reduce the number of state vehicles ... is requiring that each vehicle’s purpose and necessity be "rejustified,"

Good on the Guv making a start on government waste.

Here in New Zealand, I wonder how many 'must have' cell phones and 'needed at any time' utility vehicles are in my local council. And the regional council duplicating the same functionaries? The newly formed Orklund Council? Smile and Wave's central government? All paid for by my taxes whilst we borrow $350M a week!

I can feel the need for a few OIA requests coming on. Feel free to write similar requests to your councils Dear Readers.

What a nice way to start an election year with a few impertinent requests for the scythe to be wielded.

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