Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flexing native veto muscle

An "unfortunate" grazing lease renewal on conservation land skirting Lake Ellesmere/Te Waihora should be reversed, Ngai Tahu says

The right of native veto is being flexed over a grazing lease near a lake. Already approved, the local natives are looking to usurp a farmers right to graze. After he has been through the mandated consent process.

Shades of what is going to wash up on your foreshore and seabed at the next high tide? As the local natives take exception to non-natives being on 'their beach'.

Yes, native veto is exactly what is about to happen at your local beach if the foreshore and seabed are given in the name of customary rights.


KG said...

Yep. As sue as night follows day, and apathetic Kiwis will sigh, roll over and go back to watching Shortland St.

KG said...

"sure", that is.