Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Reporting terrorists

Suspicious activity included:

* an unconvincing explanation - tick

* routine services are declined - tick

* payment by cash or with side offers - tick

* you cannot substantiate the nature of new agencies - tick

* excessive requirements for confidentiality - tick

* the customer or end-user is a foreign military or government body - tick

* the customer uses a generic email address - tick

* reluctance to offer information - tick

* reluctance to provide clear answers to questions - tick

* unusual requests - tick

* a site with strict security controls - tick

* requests for confidentiality - tick

* requests for additional equipment - tick

The SIS also urged researchers and tertiary institutions to dub in any suspicious activity from people or entities linked with countries likely to develop or acquire weapons of mass destruction - tick

Yep, judging by the ticks, that would make most of the self-serving pricks in the Wellytown bear-pit terrorists. Better report them to the spooks.

Wonder if those useless bastards have sorted the anti-terrorist legislation yet? What about our current terrorists, the Urerewa 17?

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