Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quacks of desperation at Niagara Healthcare -[updates]

Those in the business of "it'll be good for you" healthcare industry are so desperate they've taken to cold calling for customers in Dannevegas all the way from JafaLand. Had the cheek to ask 'Is that Mr X' when she knows full well whom she called. Got nothing but the usual 'What are you selling response?'

The business of quackery must have tight margins these days to require cold calling, but bonus points for calling during business hours. Not like the Tararua District Council ratepayer survey taker that phoned Sunday arvo and was told by her indoors to naff off till Monday. We note she hasn't called back.


Niagara Healthcare ... has since said its representatives never make cold calls

After more of a squiz - seems Niagara has previous form. And uses their only NZ number to cold call - 09 475 0077.


Anonymous said...

dredging an old story, but these guys are door knocking in rotorua. they're targeting pensioners and signing up to 2 year payment plans for products (total of $4785 when the same product is on tardme for $400). I have no idea if what they're doing is legal, but it is corrupt and immoral.

Anonymous said...

Yep, they have just cold called my elderly mother in Hamilton. I agree that their techniques are corrupt and immoral.

All I can suggest is that those with elderly parents or neighbours become familiar with the Door to Door Sales Act (1967) and act fast to cancel any agreement (you have 7 days).

We have yet to find out if Mum's $4965 will be willingly refunded but we will not let it rest until she gets her money back in full.

Anonymous said...

I've had a couple of calls today from 09 4750077. Each time I pick up the phone the person on the other end hangs up - so maybe they are hoping for someone less grumpy than me!

Anonymous said...

my mother has signed an agreement to purchase a $12,000 bed that will 'fix' her aches and pains. They took a $2000 deposit and said she can pay the $10,000 off over 5 years. The cold caller said they were a nurse from Waikato Hospital and asked if she had a spare hour to discuss a new pain relief for her condition. My mother is elderly and took everything the rep had to say for gospel..and signed the agreement. I phoned the rep Samantha who then tried to hard sell to me as I informed her the agreement will be cancelled, she then wanted to come and see me to see if I needed a bed! Shocking tactics.

Anonymous said...

Hello all

The same thing has happened to my mother who has been dupped into buying a $5,700 massage chair which is just a cushion and piece of plastic. The same lady 'Samantha' was the person who sold it to her. After speaking with my mother, they were the ones who first cold called her and things went from there. We want to try and find out how to end this contract and stop any further payments going to these scammers! Has anyone here been successful in terminating these dodgy contracts and deals? Any advice appreciated.

Anonymous said...

My sister in law, a lady in her 80s, with dementia, was persuaded to part with $3,260 for a Cyclo Pad from these sharks! She paid them with a cheque, and this was Feb 2014. She has now gone into a home, and upon clearing out her house, we found their literature and receipt for this piece of junk. I've left messages, and called the rep Kevin Larsen, on his cell phone number on the card . 021-510 286, to no avail, OF COURSE! The weird thing is, we can't even find the damn thing in the house. Did it ever arrive? Who knows? My poor sister in law certainly doesn't, she's away with the fairies. Why can we not stop these criminals???

Marby said...

FYI...I was outside and hubs terms in the shower. He said the ph went twice so I looked on my caller ID and found this number 09 4750077 Googled it which led me here. Thanks for this post. Looks like these people are still about.