Monday, February 08, 2010

"closed door negotiations shouldn't worry anyone"

That is exactly what worries me as a New Zealander.

Horse trading with racist separatists who will stop at nothing but the total takeover of the seabed for their own ends has me extremely worried.

The foreshore access issue is only a distraction, the seabed and the salt water column is the real prize as can be seen from the increasingly extortionate bribes for access and usage currently being applied to our freshwater bodies and the like.

When the government of the day conducts those negotiations behind closed doors, is ever willing to give away large chunks of New Zealand and hard earned taxes to assuage the white man's guilt trip on the grievance industry, on non-issues that should have been stopped thirty or so years ago at their misbegotten inception, one has every reason to be very worried.
What would be concerning to New Zealanders would be if their bottom lines weren't incorporated in any solution

Bottom lines? The real bottom lines of sovereignty and one law for all are being ignored behind those closed doors to retain political control for a second term and further.
I think their bottom lines are quite clear - universal access to the beaches and a position that doesn't put them in a worse financial position than they should otherwise be

And that as a New Zealander rightly has me very worried.

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KG said...

It has me very worried too. This government seems determined to take us down the path of separatism merely to ensure it stays in power.
Yet Kiwis seem largely unconcerned, as the poll numbers show.
The consequences of this hardly bear thinking about.