Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tsunami Alert II - 1000 Word Map

You would think when you urgently looked up NZ Civil Defence website for immediate info on the impending doom and disaster that you have heard about that you might see a map of the affected area. Or some regional local info other than addresses of council wallahs still having a lazy Sunday morning lie in.

Like the one below I have provided as a public service.

And not have to wade through a solid page of non-paragraphed text to be asked 'pretty please' do not go the beach. Or reach for an atlas to work out where the East Coast, Ahipara (Hone's) Beach and Puysegur Point are. (No, I did not have reach for Google maps).

One wonders where the millions of taxpayer wedge that are spent in Civil Defence actually go to. Can't even put a 'title' tag in the metadata on their website.

I wonder how those council wallahs will take to being phoned this morning?

A picture is worth 1000 words...


Inventory2 said...

Well done PM - I turned on my 'puter 3 minutes after Stuff posted the first warning, so have eben followi ng the story since.

You have to laugh though about the Otago Civil Defebce bloke who obviously wants a sleep-in today:

"7.56am: Otago Civil Defence controller Wayne Scott said they had not yet initiated a response and did not expect the area to be seriously affected.

"We are monitoring it, of course and we’re really at this stage waiting on the Chatham Islands."

Go back to bed Wayne, and leave it up to the blogosphere!

KG said...

Bloody hopeless, aren't they? A collection of bearded DOC types, cycling to work in their hi-vis vests and full of self-importance.
Should we be hit by a major natural catastrophe this lot will be as much use as tits on a bull.