Monday, February 22, 2010

Construction of Westie slum starts

about 600 of the 3000 Hobsonville residences would be "affordable"

In what used to be an upmarket area adjacent to the harbour, construction has started on the 3000 home subdivision on the old Hobsonville Air Force Base. The fog ridden views are great. Beachhaven and the Glenfield Nappy Valley sewer that is Lucas Creek. And it is on the Whenuapai flight path. Bet the current neighbours are lovin' it.

Comes with some nice names to attract the yuppies. Like Buckley Precinct and Squadron Drive. Complete with their own motorway exit to funnel the rougher Westie elements to the new estate.

60 years on, construction of the newest Orklund slum begins. Otara MkII.

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