Sunday, February 14, 2010

Interesting tales and an obscene comparision

A tale of a heiress that once lived in a mansion and the boatbuilding hired help here.

And in the same online paper, a tale of a recently purchased mansion here. Very little was said at the time of why the mansion was (suddenly?) vacated.

I will leave you Dear Reader to draw your personal conclusions. Please keep them to yourselves, noting suppression orders on the first tale.

But back to the first story. The Herald author tries to draw comparisons about suddenly losing a goodly chunk of your wealth.
For some, the loss of wealth was

"not unlike when there has been a death of a child"

An extremely poor comparison. No asset loss will ever shock or scar any person like that of a parent losing a child. I think your comparison is obscene.


Opinionated Mummy said...
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Opinionated Mummy said...

How disgusting! It doesn't take a lot to know that NOTHING is ever as bad a losing a child. NOTHING.

Deeply offensive comment.

Thanks for posting this, PM.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure the the comment is all that offensive. It may be a crass comparison, but offensive?

How can anyone know what pain is the worst for anyone else?

I am a father and granfather, and have never lost a child, but I have had much pain and sufferring that as a woman, I doubt you'd understand, let alone be able to feel.

And why should the world revolve around the need to avoid anyone's pain?