Thursday, February 18, 2010

Harold Potter Esq. and the Plagiarist

The theme of 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire', a Year of Wizardry competition, was identical to the theme of Willy the Wizard, he added. "If your child read 'Willy the Wizard' he would say to you 'that's just like Goblet of Fire,'"

Only trouble, the missive about Willy was written a decade or so earlier.
Mr Jacobs used to tell friends' children stories about a boy wizard until he was persuaded to turn the tales into a book, which he self-published. A friend of his first noticed the similarities to 'Goblet of Fire' in 2003 and Mr Jacob's estate approached Bloomsbury with the plagiarism claims the following year, but it took another five years before a lawsuit was brought against the publishing company

Must be a thing about an author flogging the works of others as their own. In top company with our esteemed plagiarists at Auckland Varsity.

Could be expensive.

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chfr said...

No real surprise J K Rowling is a NULab supporter. All par for the course isn't it.

A shame really as I quite like the stories.