Friday, February 05, 2010

Firmly in the thrall

I think that in 2010 we will see a better solution to the foreshore and seabed, it can be the year that it is repealed

Yes, John Boy is firmly in the apartheid thrall of those that want usurp to the sovereignty of New Zealand. Ever ready to placate those with which he has spent the last year brown nosing to retain the reigns of power, he prepares to give away yet more of New Zealand for some supposed injustices.

Yes, supposed. 170 years ago today sovereignty was ceded at Waitangi. And with that, all of New Zealand belonged to the Crown as all became British subjects.

Unfortunately, even though you may be born in this country, some of many generations, it is growing ever more apparent that the colour of your skin is what makes you a New Zealander. Or not.

And all the while Lazarus sits to one side waiting for his chance. Believe me, it will come. (pic ex Stuff)
The only future we will have is with all other New Zealanders.

Separation and a continuation of the handout and benefit regime will destroy our people.

Some do understand.

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