Friday, February 12, 2010

Government bribes Maori with all of Auckland's volcanic cones

Ownership of maunga (mountain) transferred to 12 iwi and hapu - Mt Victoria, Mt Eden, Mt Hobson, Mt St John, Pigeon Mt, Mt Wellington, One Tree Hill, Big King, Mt Roskill, Mt Richmond, Mangere Mt

Nothing but a bribe to get the locals off the gravy train of the grievance industry. A grievance industry that is based on false assumptions.

The treaty of 170 years ago quite clearly says that sovereignty was forfeit. The current government has taken it upon themselves to give away anything 'Crown' to placate the natives who will attempt to extort every dollar from access rights.

Once the locals discover that grassy scoria cones do not produce an income, they will be back for further 'full and final' settlements.

The ultimate prize is the foreshore and the seabed. The Maori party infighting is splitting along those lines. Hone and Tariana are desperately trying to wrest the balance of New Zealand from those that currently own it. And this government will give it to them.

Time to consider leaving this apartheid state.