Tuesday, February 09, 2010

'Fiscal neutrality is a mistake'

So says I/S over at NRT. Damned right! Cannot fault that.

We have bills to pay and a decade of deficits to avert.

That can be done in two ways: cutting costs, or increasing revenues

But what does he propose?
I would rather do the latter, by taxing the wealthy more, than the former, which will cut and degrade services such as schools and hospitals ordinary kiwis depend upon

That's right, not cut the bureaucratic spend, but tax the real taxpayers even harder.

I despair wondering how do lefties run their households. Oh that's right. Out of money? WINZ is always good for more to balance the equation of fiscal neutrality. Time for a Tui - so early in the day too.


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Murray said...

I cna't pay my bills because I've bought too much on credit so its ok for me to go next door and take their stuff because they work harder than me and have more.

The essence of socialism. Tear everyone down to the lowest common denominator and kill the will to succeed.