Tuesday, February 23, 2010

No 8 thinking lets NZ down

Customers on Telecom's XT network yesterday suffered another outage, with services failing for users south of Taupo shortly before 5pm

Once again, doing it on the cheap with No. 8 wire thinking that little old NZ can do it better than the big international players has let the NZ consumer down.

Vodafone, even for all the the stick it richly deserves for being an uncaring cold-hearted callous multinational player, knows how to build a reliable network. And at least it doesn't use overpaid legends in their own lunchtimes to promote donkeys. We see Hammond won't front here, but I wonder how Ms Stretton feels about being aligned to this failing product.

And just how far south will those Telecom shares go this morning?

ps I wonder if the fault has been around all day - I have customers on iServe (recently now part of Orcon) which has been experiencing email server access faults intermittently all day. Isn't Orcon part of Telecom?


Anonymous said...

Orcon are owned by Kordia which is an SOE. Nothing to do (ownership-wise) with Telecom.

PM of NZ said...

Cheers for that - I finally got to looking at Wikipedia during the subsequent post.