Thursday, February 18, 2010

No "apparent corruption"

My staff found no fundamental flaws or gaps in the contract management process, no apparent evidence of corruption at any level, and no waste

Like the GLNZ getting a gong for corruption free 'services to the country' for the past nine years, I wonder when the author of this report will be lining up for a gong? I'd bet the application is already winging its way to Wellytown, signed off by the Jafaland backscratcher crowd.

the council was "encouraged" to reinforce the importance of appropriate standards of probity and conduct to reduce the likelihood of issues arising again

So the councillor did get a backhander under the table for services rendered, but that action was not seen to be corruption?

I suppose this is a bit like those gamekeeper MPs rewriting political campaign funding rules.

No "apparent corruption".

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