Friday, February 19, 2010

Excellent news from 'Party Central' - Socialist cries foul

Auckland's mayors have decided against a plan to construct a multi-million dollar cruise ship terminal on the waterfront for the Rugby World Cup

Fantastic news from Party Central. As a multiple ratepayer in Jafaland, this is the best news that has come out of any council up there in recent times. Once again, the government of the day south of the Bombay Line has been told to smack it.
the mayors have agreed to underwrite a $40 million loan for the upgrade of Eden Park

Unfortunately the Mayors were so intent on having a last hurrah spendathon that they have committed Orklund ratepayers to underwrite the private sports club bash at that sh*thole Eden Park to the tune of $40M. Something they said would never be done. Thieving bastards. The hoary spectre of the GLNZ being in town made them do it, they'll say.

Auckland Regional Council chairman Mike Lee said the mayoral forum was a signal failure in leadership.

"And certainly in terms of the forthcoming supercity, not a super performance."

The socialist cannot help himself. Always willing to pick your pocket to put his name on another brass plaque.

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