Tuesday, February 16, 2010

[Update] Email much simpler than four years of referenda

Part A

Should the current MMP voting system be retained?

*I vote to retain the MMP voting system

*I vote to change to another voting system.

Part B

Regardless of how you voted under part A, if there was a change to another voting system, which voting system would you choose?

*I would choose the First Past the Past system.

*I would choose the Preferential Voting system.

*I would choose the Single Transferable Vote system.

*I would choose the Supplementary Member system.

So much simpler than endless referenda over four years we all know John Boy will ignore. No expense to the country. And it is good to go for the next election.

Now, where do I send the email?

Granny is running a poll: Should the current MMP voting be retained?

61% rightly say NO TO MMP!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, right. MMP is awful, and John Boy will ignore the voice of the people, I agree. List MPs are the main problem.

PM of NZ said...

Anon, In four years time we'll probably looking at the John Boy Maori Party the way things are heading.

CB said...

Trouble is though PM, with the current governments handling of things we may forget just how bad MMP is/was.

Imagine the squealing from the left on the referendum!!!