Monday, February 08, 2010

The outcome is certain

Murray at HMWAH exposes the subtle differences of language and interpretation whilst defending his flag.

Paratactic - 'come and take'

implies that the enemy might not win the struggle – the outcome is uncertain

Hypotactic - 'having come, take'

the implication is that the outcome is certain:
"after you have come here and defeated me, then it will be yours to take."

Must have been well asleep in that English lesson but the intent is the same.

"Over my dead body..."

See, a grunt can teach a salty old dog new tricks.

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Murray said...

I don't that Leonidas expressed anything other than screw you to the Iranians... I mean Persians.

There is of course nothing that can be learned from the study of history.

In fact the litteral meaning is "come take", the context defines the implication. Having made the demand for their arms the Persians were invated to come and collect them where upon the Spartan led Greeks "shared their culture" with them.