Friday, February 05, 2010

Never ending spam

Not that I ever get more than a few valued comments, I have had enough of the spam comments. Every day of late, there have been two or three which have been deleted by myself. And stopped comments on some older posts onto which the spammers have latched.

A tiresome process for me, but I do not see why you should have to read spam.

To counter the spam, I have enabled word verification on all comments from this morning. Sorry about that, hope it will not deter those of you who do actually comment on occasion.


pdm said...

Bugger - I hate those things. I seem to have bursts of stuffing them up and needing 2 or 3 goes to get my comment through.

KG said...

No worries, PM. Irritating as word verification is, spammers are a bigger pain in the neck.

Inventory2 said...

Had the same problem PM. I wondered why I was still getting 1500 visitrs a month even when I wasn't blogging!

Since I re-enabled the verification feature, life is good again!

PM of NZ said...

Cheers guys, I put up with the spam for a while, never 'deleting forever' as those comment are so valuable to lifting my monthly ratings!

IV2 - nice to hear that this action will hopefully resolve the spam.