Monday, September 06, 2010

Awaiting the cavalry. And a handout.

Staff at a local fast food outlet unanimously voted to return home once they were reminded of their rights at work on Saturday

Never any thought of 'Well I'm at work already, might as well give a hand here in the community'.
Key should provide instant cash relief to Christchurch's struggling working population.

The thought processes of the unionised, but entitled in top gear looking for the next handout.


Murray said...

Sorry run that by me again, they're at work, they decide to piss off home and they want to be paid for the work they didn't do?

Where do I start?

PM of NZ said...

M, Don't!

Inventory2 said...

I hope that Matt McCarten has the decency to get on the phone this morning and give Matt Jones a huge serve. His search for "unscrupulous employers" last night barely 50 hours after the earthquake was an outrage.