Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ChCh truly is the "Village of the Damned" as the nutter brigade arrives

I do not know where the saying 'the VoD' came from, but the name suits my birthplace well. Thank God my parents saw the light and vacated the joint.

Firstly it is damned because the fence sitting, troughing, I'll have a Bob-each-way (possible pun there),
would-be triple dipper, Jamderton wants to be Lord Mare.

Secondly because the town has been infiltrated by politicians, trick-cyclists and other witchdoctors purveying their sordid dark arts to the traumatised. Arrived en-masse last week. Where from, I do not know, but their loss must be a great source of hope.

Thirdly, even HRH sent her envoy into deepest Mainland terrority to report on proceedings. Who knows, John Boy Key might even get her indoors an invite to our Antipodean colony to inspect damage. Saves on all that travel.

Fourthly, today. Another batch of under-worked overpaid government stiffs on a back room payroll from somewhere up North. One does wonder how such an ambassador, being an industry leading light has all this spare time.
Leading Wellington architect Ian Athfield is set to be named as the city's "architectural ambassador'' to head up a team to help rebuild Christchurch

And lastly, now this infestation of experts.

the nutter brigade
There is gummint money to be had in this earthquake rebuilding game. Every peddler of dark arts and witchcraft must now be resident in the village. Yes, the nutter brigade is in town and looking to cash in. Only trouble it is my cash.

I do wonder how the populace would have fared 100 or more years ago in the face of such adversity. No doubt got on with the job, rebuilt the roof over their heads and carried on. Without any such carry-on or plague of experts and politicians.

What a nation of soft-cocks we have become.


KG said...

Great post, PM! Spot-on.
I saw in the "news" that kids have practically forgotten their fear about the earthquake and are getting on with their lives.
An army of counsellors will soon fix that.....I have nothing but bloody contempt for those people. Parasites battening on human fears and misery, and in many cases encouraging the sufferers to think of themselves as helpless victims.
Roll up yer sleeves, get on with life and get busy would have been our ancestor's prescription.
And it worked.

pdm said...

The best description I have heard for HRH was after the British Election when I heard a radio commenter call her:

`the granny at the palace'

I think it will be Charles who comes over to ensure that Christchurch is rebuilt to his green standards. Once he has finished his `eco friendly' train tour around Britain of course.