Tuesday, September 07, 2010

"Reflecting reality"

This bill reflects that reality

Bullshit! Anything to remain in power with the enabling separatists.

Our rights as New Zealanders in the marine and coastal area are not in conflict with each other

Call it what you will, it is still the Foreshore and Seabed. Control of the seabed remains the prize, which is being freely gifted, without mandate, to the separatists who will utilise every possible means of veto to extract a dollar from real Kiwis. Summed up here.
The line that John Key’s weak, vote-buying government should be drawing in the sand should be clearly labelled” Crown land — for all New Zealanders.

Indeed, reality will be reflected in my vote in 2011 for something other than NACTional, Mr John "Colonial Trader" Key.

What has happened to www.coastalcoalition.co.nz?


Anonymous said...

ACT are opposed to this bill mate.
It is entirely the creation of the Maori/National Party.
On the way it is being presented I have to say that, who cares if they cannot sell it, access is a red herring, the real issue is the loss of resources to NZers in general. Also the extra burden that will be placed on all NZers through iwi ticket clipping.

Anonymous said...

How fortunate for Key and his conflicted Minister Finlayson that the Canterbury earthquake occurred when it did. Regrettably this will take the heat of this disgraceful bill, as the MSM will concentrate on the aftermath of the earthquake.

I have to wonder if it was only a coincidence with the timing of the government’s intervention into SCF?


PM of NZ said...

Anon 0915, ACT may well be opposed in principle, but it shows it has no principles as it is a non-vocal enabler of such agreements.

Tarred with same brush, imho. That of being in power at any cost.

PM of NZ said...

Sally, I too had wondered about the SCF timing.