Monday, September 13, 2010

Prioritising Mr Plod on diminishing returns

More than 1000 police officers and 200 staff from partner agencies such as health, ACC, councils and Maori Wardens took part nationwide

1200 plus on overtime rates chasing diminishing returns.

Mr Plod reckons
it was pleasing only 186 of 31,777 drivers stopped and tested for alcohol were over the limit

I reckon otherwise at a less than 0.6% return. Definitely a diminished return for the squillions spent by Mr Plod on overtime doing a NZTSA job. But it was a an exercise in PR, you know.
The trans-Tasman campaign ...

Trans-Tasman??? Was that across the Tasman District only? Must be a few piss-heads down that way. Surely not the other Tasman? Were a few going to run checkpoints and abscond across the ditch?

Meanwhile, whilst the 1200 plus are on downtime recovering from their gruelling overnight revenue gathering exercise, crime continues unabated. For example,

Thefts from cars had the lowest resolution rate in New Zealand last year.

Only 3.3 per cent of the 18,541 thefts from cars in Auckland were resolved in 2009. A resolved offence is when an offender is identified and dealt with - even if charges are not laid.

Now could one be forgiven for suggesting that this piss-poor resolution rate might be one diminished return that could be worth improving? I suspect that 17,900 odd car owners in the unresolved category might actually think Mr Plod had his priorities on track with more attention being given to real crimes. Time for a Tui!

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