Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Vodafone FAIL

I have had an ongoing fight with VF to correctly show daily usage details on my Vodem (used for wireless Internet connection). Over the past two years or so the details have and have not worked. More not worked. Is use VF as the only reliable option for portable wireless in this region. Telecom T-Sticks are slow and unreliable, ie worse than VF Vodems.

Week before last, as my monthly datacap was close, I started to check it, found it was 'Service Unavailable' as is more the norm. So fired off another shittagram via email, only to be advised after a weekend and a few working days that issue would transferred to a tech investigator. I use email to contact them so as not to waste my time in the 'queue of the damned' on the phones.

Good I thought, might get a response at last to an email, had another look yesterday to see if any action had happened. Yes, but not good. I can now see another customers account details, a large renowned boat builder from JafaLand, but not my own.

Fired off another shittagram to VF via email, still no response 24 hours later.

Your ball VF. Total FAIL at present.


Anonymous said...

2degrees fella. Haven't used their dongles but their cellphone service is great as is their customer relations.

PM of NZ said...

I would if I could, Anon.

And their 3G coverage at 40S is?

Anonymous said...

Has Inspire Net moved over that side of the hills yet.
They had an excellent wireless package to areas such as Apiti and Tokomaru. Last I heard they were heading to DannyVegas as well

PM of NZ said...

BTB, As far as I know, Inspire has some sort of financial relationship with the Tararua District Council over the fibre backbone that was run a couple of years ago from Alf Grumble's place in Eketahuna to the windblown trolls up at Norsewood. You know, the sort of relationship where ratepayers will pay through the nose for the next quarter century or so buying 100km of fibre.

Anyway the fibre is in the ground and the only people that can tap into it are people immediately adjacent to its route up the main road and a few side roads, the likes of Top Grass Road alongside the Ruahines. If like me you live distant from that fibre, even one road over or away from an exchange, 3G wireless is the only option. Satellite is too expensive and not portable. VF has the best range in the area, Telecom is useless in this region with it's poor coverage and speeds.

I do not think Inspire have gone for a wireless facility on this side of the hill because of the incestuous relationship with the council where it is creaming it from the ratepayers and those connected.