Saturday, September 18, 2010

Too easy

As one of the landed gentry that gets up the nose of Idiot/Savant, I received my second set of local election voting papers this arvo.

The one is for the Super City. The Westie option. The number one vote in the country. Nothing else matters.

The Lord Mayor, only one required: There's the corporate minded John Banks and the social engineer Lying Len. Also Whale Oil's nemesis along with a whole heap of nobodies. Easy choice there.

Councillors, two required: 2x CitRats being offered. A couple of Labour offerings under Best for West looking to continue at the trough and some others pushing their weirdly filled wheelbarrows. You know, things like greenwash and public transport. No contest there either.

Local board, eight required: 3x CitRats. Heaps of would-be troughers looking to get into the local government gravy train via the red team's Future West ticket. The balance are independents and females. And this thing from the crypt, that doesn't like rod chip seal, but was the she-beast's party president in a previous incarnation. I've seen better quality mug shots on passports. Not overly difficult to select 8x here.

9 October cannot come fast enough.

Auckland, It's our time! Time to lance the festering red boil from our councils.

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