Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Never felt a thing

A magnitude 5.2 earthquake has struck the central Hawke's Bay near Waipukurau.

GNS Science reports a 3.6 quake hit first, just after 10am at a depth of 40km, near Waipawa.

The bigger quake hit 50km south-east of Waipukurau, 90km south of Hastings, at 10.48am.

Jeez, that was close. Have been to Havelock North this morning, left to drive back at 1015. Up there to perve at the mutton-dressed-as-lamb that frequents the area. No really, doing the duty driver bit taking the dragon-in-law for a medical appointment. I would have been driving through Waipawa/Waipukurau about that time.

Too close for comfort, never felt a thing while driving this morning.


pdm said...

PM if you were in Dannevirke in the mid 90's you would have felt a couple of ripper quakes which dealt to a few houses in the Weber, Wimbledon Porangahau areas. We were living in Waipawa at the time and they were pretty strong there as well.

It sounds like the 5.2 was centered in the same area as those mid 90 ones.

PM of NZ said...

Luckily missed the Mother's Day quake, pdm. Before my time here, but have seen the ex-news video and talked to more than a few that remember it well.

Again, it was chimneys / unreinforced masonry that really suffered. Out by the east coast going northward is very active with shallow quakes.

pdm said...

Don't I know it PM. I grew up (until I was 10) at Mangaorapa 13 miles south of Porangahau near Ta Puhtai (Teawa Putahi on the map).