Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The truth is surfacing

This is a modern building that's collapsed in under a very small amount of snow, relative to what the building code would indicate is acceptable and it should be able to withstand. So something has seriously gone wrong there and we need to be able to understand that.

during construction, there were problems with the roof when several of the huge steel trusses across the community courts - the area where it collapsed at the weekend - had sagged following installation.

At the time, trust chairman Ray Harper said the movement was slight - less than 10cm in the worst case - and was not unusual in such a large project. He said there were no safety concerns because the problem was not serious and it had been detected early.

"It will be perfect when the job is finished; it has to be to have certification, anyway."

Meanwhile, the running for cover, excuse the pun, continues as the desired level of 'perfection' has been found to be wanting.

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