Wednesday, September 08, 2010

I want more cake when this one's finished.

The Maori Party will not rule out using post-election negotiations to try to get a better deal on the foreshore and seabed despite agreeing to support the National Party's new law

Thought it will never happen? I told you so comes to mind. Another soon to be inked 'full and final' will be as ever, subject to 'can I get more'?
the bill was the best the party could negotiate in the circumstances and it was possible there would be

"another time for our people to come back and have another go in the future"

That is the opening salvo of the next round of litigation. The next election will be 'democratic'. Pander to the separatists or you will not get in. And NACTional, your card is well and truly marked for enabling these arrogant thieves this electoral round.

The most divisive piece of legislation this country has ever seen. Not the Foreshore and Seabed laws as they currently stand or any future version. No dear readers, it is that piece of legislation that enabled all of this gravy train so many years ago, the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975.

Meanwhile CR asks just who is representing non-natives?

Who ate all the cake?

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Anonymous said...

They do tend to make extra claims/threats as a way of giving National some room to appeal to non-iwi by rejecting such or making rejecting noises while actually giving iwi all they want for now.