Friday, September 10, 2010

My reputation precedes me

Had a visit this morning from the regular God bothering travelling sales show trying to sell me religion and a WatchTower magazine.

No foot in the door, but the opening line, from her on my stoop, was 'I know you do not want our magazine...'. A good start, I thought. Must have done her sales homework looking up the database before leaving home this morning. We then proceeded to converse on other matters.

My reputation precedes me. After nigh on a decade of quarterly? visitations, finally the message has got through, but I still wonder why they actually bother at all. Maybe I could be saved? Never!


Murray said...

You need a ballista.

Anonymous said...

Mock at your own peril.

kevin said...

Just tell them you're a catholic... that has worked for me in the past. The other option is, if you are able to see them before they come to the door, hold your arm out and up with the palm pointing towards them (like the police do to stop you) and say nothing. 'They' just retreat nicely. I get the impression 'they' have a quota hence the tenacity.