Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dreams of 'milk and honey'

Maori needed to realise they were not tangata whenua in Australia and therefore not entitled to most of the services there

I wonder how long before the entitled manage an accommodation to have welfare paid directly in $AUD?
Our people must do the proper checks with the Australian authorities before making the decision to move over

And nothing like being up front about being there for "our people".

I'd say within the year, the separatists enabler, John Boy Key will have caved in another sordid backroom deal without a mandate as he looks to broker continued power at any price with Hone Hatfields's bosses.

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pdm said...

From what I hear one of the reasons Maori prosper in Australia is becaues they have to work to survive. No being propped up by namby pamby do gooders over there.