Thursday, September 09, 2010

Tourists Ahoy!

So the Government has deemed it necessary to send in trauma counsellors to the Village of the Damned. A total waste of resource, imho.

The already excessive influx of political and media vultures looking for “look at me doing God’s work bit” soundbites playing the disaster tourist bit preying on the stressed only serves to prolong any trauma.

Mayor Bob definitely is the man of the moment, with his teams doing their utmost and more without the points scoring or sleep. Well done also to the students for pitching in, helping the community. As for the other vultures...

And as for the drama queens in the glare of TV cameras and the unionised looking for handouts, do what the rest of the seriously frazzled residents are doing. Doing what should and would happen in any community. Man up, grab a broom, bucket, shovel, gumboots and get on with the job that needs doing. Idle hands …

Sure there are some, like the infirm and elderly that will need support, but not counselling. Remember this is the generation that knows how to deal with adversity - most lived through a real Depression and World War.

As for the rest – Harden up, get on with it and stop whining. Those of us unaffected outside of your region, as always, will help as best we can.

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Anonymous said...

Your post is spot on.

$2.4 million for 50 Trauma Councillors shows how in touch this government is with the socialists.

A complete waste of taxpayer money.