Saturday, September 04, 2010

[Update] Prepared your emergency kit?

A massive 7.4 magnitude earthquake has hit Christchurch and the wider South Island, causing widespread damage

It's an earthquake. Get over yourselves. Guess what will be the news of the day? Pix of every collapsed chimney in town complete with live-cross interviews with the bleary-eyed who were sitting on the dunny at the time from breathless reporters.

Some wit has already suggested that it is the wrath of the Almighty over his SCF investments...

Never felt a thing here.

Now where is that Civil Defence list?


Twitter feed eqnz - Tourism NZ is saying cellphones will be dead in an hour - on battery backup on cellphone towers. Unlikely, power is on in some areas. More like they are censoring info. Another reports TVNZ is censoring images.

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