Thursday, September 30, 2010

Well said Paula

No, I haven't gone soft, but the top of Sainsbury's meme tonight had an article with Madam Welfare who had been cornered by some parents whose kids were buggering off from home onto a benefit.

She actually gave a good account of the problem, what action has been taken and apologised. Yes, apologised on prime time telly. Sincerely, I thought. Not like the under duress apologies delivered by a certain ex-Labour minister.

So, all kudos to Paula Bennett tonight. It is a sage lesson in fronting the issue, without fear or favour, which all politicians could do well to learn. Instead of sitting in the headlights grimacing at every question and lying as is the norm. I could happily vote for a politician like her.

As I said dear readers, I have not gone soft. Normal transmissions of shouting into the void will resume forthwith.

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Anonymous said...

I would like her pay packet and perks! Teachers should be paid the same rate as MPs, as they used to be (well, almost).