Monday, November 18, 2013

Another Labour rort

Ms Mackey, recently promoted by Labour leader David Cunliffe, has an office in Customhouse St in Gisborne which property records show belongs to her mother Janet Mackey

could not remember the monthly rent bill but said it was below the market valuation

Charging rents below market valuation?  I'm sure the IRD would love to know that Labour is aiding and abetting  another rort on the taxpayers of New Zealand.


alwyn said...

I cannot see any reason at all why the IRD should be interested if the State was paying less than market value for an MP's electorate office.
Can you satisfy my curiosity as to why you think they would be?
NB. This does not necessarily mean I believe the claim of being "below market rent"

PM of NZ said...

Alwyn, it has always been my understanding that using numbers different from what are deemed to be current market rates/values is purely for tax avoidance. This applies to both the setting of rents and property sale prices between entities.

The fact that mum blithely suggests there's no harm done because of the lower than market rent being paid smacks of tax avoidance to someone's advantage. That a Labour MP and an ex-Labour MP are involved confirms for me it will be nothing but a rort on the taxpayer.