Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Making sure the whitewash is really dry

An Auckland Council review of any use of council resources by Mayor Len Brown in his affair with Bevan Chuang is taking longer than expected

undeclared freebies leave any politician open to the suggestion ... that they have been bought

The report will be lost in the late December pre-Christmas / Summer Hols dump.  In the New Year, Lenny the Liar will be deemed to have fully travelled the road to redemption.

By then the whitewash will have dried, E&Y will be paid handsomely from ratepayer funds with a Christmas bonus.  And Len's spin doctors will continue to suck from the ratepayers teat, always deflecting from the truth.

Unfortunately for JafaLand ratepayers, the stench of corruption will now forever pervade the Office of the Mayor.

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