Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Keep on keeping on, Colin Craig, you'll get my vote

You know you're on the right track when both sides of the political divide are rubbishing you this far out from an election.  The attack stories have featured large these past couple of weeks.

One one hand, we've got an avowed liberal right wing blogger denigrating you as 'the cult of crazy' multiple times, whilst the other side has this morning delivered their attack piece referring to your party as 'a noxious political potpourri'.

I smell desperation from both sides. 

The rabid left see Winston First seriously bleeding votes and thus their chances of another MMP stitchup coalition doomed for another term.   And the right wing see their divine chance at a 100% mandate under MMP slip sliding to a lacklustre almost passed outcome, requiring negotiation with 'a Christian crazy'.

Yes Colin, you'll get my vote.  I would never vote anywhere left, period.  The current option of the Nats is not suitable for a lot of voters voting right as they've openly faciltated racism and sat on the fence, ditching long held principle for votes.

 Keep on keeping on, Colin Craig, you've got them rattled.

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mawm said...

And a vote from me - just a member of the lunatic right-wing fringe who believes in social and fiscal conservatism and one law for all.