Monday, November 25, 2013

Another taniwha that will require a bribe

Maori are threatening to issue a trespass notice on oil drilling company Anadarko nearly a week after its drillship the Noble Bob Douglas arrived in what they are claiming is customary fishing waters

Everywhere people are looking, there is a new mine or oil site. The whole country has been surveyed off

As usual, all can be fixed with a bribe. 

it's not the New Zealand way to gift our land for bugger-all

As an aside, I did note however that a prospective miner withdrew from the Whangarei region the other day.  Obviously they couldn't agree on the size of the bribe.

So Mr Key, yet another looming cost of pandering to natives.  How much will it be this time to quieten the taniwha?   And the next? 

Nothing but political whores looking to extract maximum dollar from the taxpayer for services.  Just the price needs agreement.

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