Saturday, November 23, 2013

Peak oiler hypocrites have nice day at beach

More than 1000 people turned up at one of Auckland's famous west coast beaches to protest against deep sea oil drilling in New Zealand waters today

A nice day at the beach for the peak oilers by the look of the pics.  Some no doubt even flew nicely painted beach flags made of synthetics.  Some will have sat in nylon tents.  Others dressed in synthetic swimwear, will have ventured into the tide using plastic based swim aids.  And Twattered to the world their cause celebre on yuppie phones made of mined precious metals and yet more plastics.    

Meanwhile 4 million others who live in real New Zealand got on with life.   It was a nice day here too, 80 km from the beach.  Burnt a few hydrocarbons mowing the lawns and tidying up the garden.  At least I didn't have to put up with listening to feral deluded greenies trying get the rabble on board.

Protesters joined hands to form a human chain from the land to the sea, and a haka was also performed
Yep, resorting to a war dance, will really make the government take notice.

Bet 99% of them drove to the beach using vehicles fuelled from oil wells.  Lubricated by hydrocarbons, also from oil wells.  Most made of copious amounts of plastics and some might even have carbon fibre components.  And on roads nicely sealed with asphalt.  No doubt the food they ate at the each was processed by hydrocarbons and the like. 

You know the story.  Happy to have all the trappings of a hydrocarbon based lifestyle, never prepared to ditch the oil based products they consume and use daily.

What we saw today at the beach are nothing but effing hypocrites, beholden to the communists at Greenpeace.


the conservative said...

Well put PM. I enjoyed the haka part; don't they know the ship is a hundred miles away?

PM of NZ said...

Thanks, TC.