Sunday, November 10, 2013

OSH would have a fit, but "Yes, Please!"

Wazuma V8F Matt Edition.

Yes!  A definite must-have on the farm for those 'with plenty of space in the top paddock'.

might look very loosely like a farm quad in a dream fuelled by mescaline or LSD

features a 3.0-litre Ferrari V8 coupled to a BMW M3's six-speed sequential gearbox
I can imagine explaining that to Mr OSH it's perfectly legal on the farm without a helmet, now bugger off, you're trespassing.

two distinct disadvantages: it doesn't carry dogs or straw bales

However getting NZ$300K past the IRD and onto the books as a farm tool might prove difficult.  I wonder if I could claim the GST?

But hey, dreams are free.


alwyn said...

I am mildly curious as to how you interpret the phrase "plenty of space in the top paddock"?
My immediate, and only thought, on it's interpretation was that it meant "No brains in their heads".
Frankly it seems much closer to reality than any literal interpretation.
Am I the only one who reads it that way?

PM of NZ said...

Yes Alwyn, that is exactly how I have always interpreted it. Have heard it a few times, is in the same league as "the lift doesn't quite go to the top floor", "nineteen bob short of the full quid", "more than a few sandwiches short of the full picnic" or similar variations.

Anyway, you would have to definitely taken leave of your senses to shell out $300K for a quad bike. I'd expect the dancing girls thrown in. But it still remains one serious big boy's toy.