Saturday, November 16, 2013

Only thing missing are the pitchforks [updated]

A modern day lynch mob baying for blood has been out and about today.  Thousands apparently.

There are "many parts" to the discourse, including whether rape took place, about victims' rights education and "to make sure that we don't see young guys engaging in behaviour which is just not acceptable.

Hung, drawn and quartered, before being tried, let alone accused.  The only things missing are the pitchforks and something or someone to burn at the stake.  I fear the roasting Messrs Tamihere and Jackson received in recent days for daring to comment will not suffice.

Prime Minister John Key says he understands protesters "feel very strongly."

Some will be seen to be doing something.  Anything.  But then I'm sure the alleged perps will get a fair hearing, should matters require a trial.  Only if the lynch mob doesn't get to them first.


A well known author dares to comment ...

Stead wrote the nation had become gripped by a collective hysteria

... and the Twitteratti lynchmob is let loose.

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