Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Now, that's the sort of "ongoing significant change" I like

Deputy Prime Minister Bill English has warned of "significant changes" to the public sector

the Government was bringing corporate treasurer-style expertise to its balance sheet

the new attitude was going to create "ongoing significant change" in the public sector

I look forward to the rapid implementation of such "ongoing significant change".

governments had some "pretty bad habits". 

Those included thinking of capital as 'free', as taxes could simply be coerced from an endless supply of customers

the real challenge was managing the government's enormous property portfolio, including $17 billion worth of houses, $13b of schools and $8b of hospitals. 

All of these are poorly managed ... the benefit of PPPs was not so much cost savings, but because we learn so much ...  external parties who would be putting capital at risk are much more sensitive to the risks of the project and have a much better toolkit for those risks.

The sound you can hear is Labour, teachers and the unionised choking their last gasp.

That should put the faceless bureaucrats in central and local government on notice.  

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