Friday, November 01, 2013

Friday Dump: Another NZ business suffers terminally under the hand of Cullen

New Zealand Post says it will reduce its work force by up to 2000 staff

Cullen's fickle hand roots another Kiwi business.  The Kiwi Rail buyback gave the country a decade of deficits, now he's firing his own staff in a mass layoff.  That will go down well.

EPMU said the changes were "cruel" and came with little warning

The unionised would do well consider their choices at the Labia Party gabfest this weekend.  Daresay Silent T will have his hands full keeping his baying union hounds on the leash.  They'll get no sympathy from Joe and Jane Public, only got themselves to blame for chasing blue sky ideas such as living wages.  And the writing has been on the wall for years to reign in labour costs.

An excellent Friday Dump on the unions.

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