Saturday, November 02, 2013

Labour backtracks on another 'set in stone' policy

The Engineering Printing and Manufacturing Union had moved a motion wanting the party to oppose the TPP, in line with a position taken by the Council of Trade Unions conference last month.

would have posed a major shift in the party's position.

Stroppy unions flexing their new found muscle are having to be reined in.

Mr Cunliffe got a consensus to support a Dairy Workers' Union resolution to ''withholds support for the TPP until full details are made available and there is clear evidence that the agreement is in the best interests of New Zealand

Labour flip-flopping continues unabated as Silent T has a bob each way.

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mawm said...

I'm not so sure that the TPP will benefit us to the extent that Grosser is proclaiming. Why are the negotiations being held behind closed doors? Why has Grosser been so quick to say that Pharmac will not be affected while it seems that the pursuit of breaches in copyright will become easier. Will the possible financial deregulation benefit the big institutions?

It seems to me that the US, who have always been reluctant to engage in free trade agreements, are aiming to feather the nests of the Obama donors - it's payback time for Hollywood, the music industry, Wall Street, GoldmanSachs, the Big Banks and the Drug Companies.